Although ATFAB or ASCSU has historically funded Transfort services for students since the 1970’s, since ATFAB’s establishment in 2015, the board has made additional alternative transportation investments to help ensure safe and reliable transportation for students at Colorado State University.

Transit Investments:

Transfort Basic Investment

Students can utilize their student ID to ride any route within Fort Collins as well as the FLEX route to Loveland, Longmont, and Boulder.

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Route 33 to Foothills Campus

ATFAB added route 33 in 2016 to connect CSU’s main campus to our Foothills campus. This route was the final puzzle piece to connect all of CSU’s campuses in Fort Collins to ensure that students don’t need a car to succeed at CSU. Read more about this investment in the Collegian here.

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Enhanced Transit Service on West Elizabeth

Some of the most utilized routes in Fort Collins are found on the West Elizabeth Corridor west of CSU, and this is in large due to student ridership. New student housing developments are added in this area often, making student density continuously higher along this corridor. Seeing the need for additional service, ATFAB invested in this corridor in a number of ways. The board funded late night service to West Elizabeth via Route 32, trailer busses to ensure that students weren’t being left behind, and 365 day service routes down this corridor to provide access to campus every day of the year.

365 Day Service

The City of Fort Collins along with ATFAB added 365 day service to routes 2, 3, 8, 14, 16 and the MAX. ATFAB was key in advocating for service along routes 2 and 3 which the board perceived would especially serve students by connecting them to campus and grocery stores. Before this investment, Transfort routes did not run on Sundays or holidays. Here is more information about 365 day service from Transfort, the Coloradoan, and the Collegian.

Capital Infrastructure Investments:

Green Trail Extension (completed 2018)

The Green Trail runs from the Shields underpass, past the south end of Moby Arena and the Rec Center, and ends at the Lory Student Center. This is a very popular trail- seeing thousands of cyclists and pedestrians every day. Part of the trail was split- meaning that there were separate spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, but just west of the Rec Center, the split path merged into one small trail. This caused congestion and higher rates of crashes. ATFAB invested in extending the split trail from where it initially ended all the way to the new Shields underpass through a partnership with CSU Facilities.

Photo courtesy of
Clara Scholtz | The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Programmatic Investments:

Spoke (2018)

The Spoke, a living lab, is Colorado State University’s on-campus cycling maintenance and educational training center servicing our University students, faculty, and staff.  The University’s living lab is operated by students, where it is their goal to work with each of our customers, sharing knowledge, techniques and best practices on bicycle maintenance, safety, and repairs. ATFAB partnered with Central Receiving and Housing & Dining Services to add a mobile shop to extend the Spoke’s reach. Learn more about the Spoke through their website and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Clara Scholtz | The Rocky Mountain Collegian

SkiSU (winter 2018-19)

Skiing and snowboarding is a huge part of Colorado culture, and many out of state students choose CSU because of the proximity to ski resorts. SkiSU provides students with the opportunity to connect to Colorado’s ski resorts via bus. Learn more about SkiSU, trip dates and locations, and cost here.