You may be asking- how does ATFAB benefit students? Why is there a student fee for alternative transportation? 

Back in the 1970’s the Associated Students of Colorado State University contracted our first partnership with Transfort to ensure that students had easy access to their Fort Collins community. As transit expanded and more students were utilizing the transit system, ASCSU decided to create ATFAB to manage the contract between students and the City of Fort Collins and to consider and review other transportation-related investments that would directly benefit students. ATFAB is overseen by the Student Fee Review Board just like any other student fee on campus.

As students have invested into the local transit system, the university and city have seen a sharp increase in CSU-related ridership; Ridership rose from 296,000 rides in 2003 to 854,000 rides in 2013- more than doubling ridership over 10 years. Then by 2015, ridership grew  to 1.5 million rides- nearly doubling again in only 2 years! In 2016, there were 2 million CSU-related rides. With this huge growth of riders, the city, students, and the university must make considerations of how to keep up with transit demand and keep our campus accessible to all students and employees.

ATFAB’s primary goal is to provide the most reliable, safe, and financially responsible transportation service for CSU students. To learn more about the investments ATFAB has made to meet this goal, visit our Funded Projects page.